Known by us

On this page, in alphabetic order of their Christian name, are the schoolmates listed from whom we have at least an e-mail address. If you want to contact one of them you can do so by entering a message in the gastenboek or sending an e-mail to

Foto van Arnold Kakes

Arnold Kakes

lives in Zaandam
Arnold has number L42 and M23 on the Schoolphoto's.

Foto van Bert Galjaard

Bert Galjaard

lives in Bedum, Groningen
Bert has number L45 and M30 on the Schoolphoto's.

Foto van Chris Biesheuvel

Chris Biesheuvel

lives in Lethbrige Alberta, Canada
Chris has number L1 on the Schoolphoto

Foto van Henk Blijenburg

Henk Blijenburg

lives in Zaandam
Henk has number L11 en M13 on the Schoolphoto's

Photo of Yke v.d. Woude

Ike v.d. Woude

lives in Zaandam
Ike has number L14 and M7 on the Schoolphoto's

Foto van Jan v.d. Berg

Jan v.d. Berg

Woont te Limmen
Jan has number L47 en M29 on the Schoolphoto's

Foto van Johan IJskes

Johan IJskes

lives in Dalfsen
Johan has number L4 and M15 on the Schoolphoto's

Foto van Josephine Reijling

Josephine Reijling

lives in Haren, Groningen

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