Ooievaarstraatschool Zaandam 1943 till 1954

Chr. School voor LO, ULO en MULO

Primary school

Schoolfoto 1


L1 = Chris Biesheuvel L13 = Corry Hoogenkamp L25 = Wim de Vries L37 = Tinie Kort
L2 = Johan Geenen L14 = Ike v.d. Woude L26 = Johan Stroobach L38 = André Höweler
L3 = Sander van Riemsdijk L15 = Nanda der Nederlanden L27 = Joop ter Velde L39 = Klaas Kan
L4 = Johan IJskes L16 = Mr. Kamphuis L28 = ?? L40 = Kees Brinkman
L5 = Klaas van Oostveen L17 = Sonja de Cock L29 = Hannie Plantinga L41 = Wim van de Woude
L6 = Frans Kruit L18 = Netty Koppens L30 = Nettie Tatje L42 = Arnold Kakes
L7 = Eddy Heere L19 = Bea Olthof L31 = Aafje van Oostveen L43 = Loek Prins
L8 = Jelle de Vries L20 = Clasien Mennes L32 = Corry Meijling L44 = Wim Heere
L9 = Klaas de Vries - - - - L33 = ?? L45 = Bert Galjaard
L10 = ?? L22 = Mr. Kort L34 = Mada Boekhoff L46 = Bertus Bakker
L11 = Henk Blijenburg L23 = Annie v.d. Ploeg L35 = ?? L47 = Jan van de Berg
L12 = Marti Pos L24 = ?? L36 = Erie Brouwer L48 = Hans Ras

Who is who?

The above list may not be totally correct, there are places marked ??. If you recognize yourself, your sister or brother, parents or grandparents, please write a comment in the guestbook or email to info@bertgaljaard.nl and help us to make this list as accurate as possible.

Place "L" before the number, than we know it concerns the photo of the primary school, for the photo of the MULO use the "M".


Klaas Kan in het Posthuis op Vlieland

Our motivation to start this website is the death of our beloved friend Klaas Kan on the second of august 2017. He knew that he was terminal ill and than you look back on your life. In our conversations in that period we talked a lot about school, wondering what had happened to all our classmates, all of them over eighty years old by now, if they are still alive. We knew that some of them have deceased, but we did not know exactly who and when.

After the death of Klaas, Chris Biesheuvel called us by phone from Canada. We did not have any contact with Chris for more than half a century, but now we have intense phone and e-mail contact. The strange thing about it, is that it feels as off the fifty years of silence do not exist and of the things we talk about happened yesterday.

If you or brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren, recognize family on the photo's, please do not hesitate to write in the guestbook or send us an email.


Foto van Chris, Bert en Henk

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