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13 april 2018

Jan v.d. Berg

Added to the page "Known by us": Jan v.d. Berg

15 mars 2018
The webmasters live


Puck and Chris Biesheuvel were in the Netherlands for a family visit. We had the opportunity to meet each other in Egmond aan Zee.
From left to right Puck Biesheuven, Chris Biesheuvel, Henk Blijenburg, Elfriede Galjaard, Bertha Blijenburg and Bert Galjaard

6 mars 2018

Ike v.d. Woude

Added to the page "Known by us": Ike v.d. Woude
Ike has added names to the photo. See gastenboek.

19 december 2017

Marti Pos

Via Wim Reijling we contacted Egge Hartog. In his e-mail he writes the following: L12 is indeed Marti Pos, she was born the 29th of August 1937 and suddenly died the 3rd of March 2014 due to cerebral hemorrhage, she was only 76 years young. In the funeral service, the church was too small for all the people who wanted to participate. On the 14th of April 1965 she married Egge Hartog with whom she had two sons. She has been able to enjoy 5 lively grand daughters.
On this photo for the website you see that the hair of Marti has turned to Blond over the years instead of Grey. It really is her own color. Quite remarkable.

6 december 2017

Joop ter Velde

Via Feike ter Velde, the brother of Joop ter Velde, we contacted Magda ter Velde-Prins who send us this photo of Joop, who died at the age of 77.

On the 19th of November we received this photo of the first class with miss de Raad from Arnold Kakes

Eerste klas van juffrouw de Raad

On the 13th of November Chris receives the following e-mail from Gerda Kruit concerning Frank "Frans"Kruit:

Hallo Chris,
Hopefully you still can read Dutch, otherwise I write you in English. My name is Gerda and I am married to Henk a brother of Frans. Frans (Frank) indeed lived in Canada but soon moved to California with an English spouse and two children. His brother Klaas also lives there with a spouse and 3 children. From there they moved to Eugene, where they lived several years. Frans did the same job as his father and oldest brother Jan, who according to us also worked for your father. So you read the "Kruitenboek", in Dutch or English and did you order it yourself? The author Anneke Kruit is our daughter. Unfortunately Frans died in December 2010, he than was 75 years old, lung-problems, due to glue and smoking....but he always has been a good-for-nothing, married three times, also once had a diary farm and has been many times here in la Palma with his third wife. Till 2001 we had a shop in Zaandam which we sold and moved to la Palma. The widow of Jan still lives in Calgary, Klaas also died. Of the 10 children only 4 remain. Hopefully I have informed you enough, otherwise do not hesitate to contact us again.
Kind regards from Gerda and Henk Kruit, la Palma

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