In memoriam of the deceased schoolmates we remember them on this page, in alphabetic order of their Christian name. We ask family and friends to help us with this list. You can do so by leaving a message in the gastenboek, or sending an e-mail to

Foto van Frans Kruit

Frank "Frans" Kruit

Birth 28 July 1935 - Zaandam the Netherlands
Death 26 December 2010 - Lane County, Oregon, USA
Frank has number L6 on the Primairy School photo.

Foto van Frans Kruit

Joop ter Velde

Birth 12 may 1937 - Zaandam the Netherlands
Death 16 mars 2015 - Zaandam the Netherlands
Joop was married to Magda Prins.

Foto van Klaas Kan

Klaas Kan

Birth 18 March 1937 - Zaandam the Netherlands
Death 2 August 2017 - Bergen (Noord Holland) the Netherlands
Klaas was married to Mea van Zwieten

Foto van Marti Pos

Marti Pos

Birth 29 August 1937 - Zaandam the Netherlands
Death 3 March 2014 - Zaandam the Netherlands
Marti was married to Egge Hartog

Photo of Wim de Vries

Wim de Vries

Birth 9 october 1936 - Zaandam the Netherlands
Death 2005 - Zaandam the Netherlands
Wim has been married to Maartje Bakker

Photo of Wim v.d. Woude

Wim v.d. Woude

Birth 13 april 1935 - Wormerveer the Netherlands
Death 27 March 2009 - Wormerveer the Netherlands
Wim was married to Rie Wakker birth 25 November 1935, death 20 October 2011

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